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The story " The Necklace" is about the fact that even a small thing can change a person's life . Coincidence or fate plays a very important role in human life. It is more powerful than human resolution . It is the destiny of man. Mathilda is the central character of the story. She was very nice . She thought she was born in the family of employees for the error destination . Her husband was also a secretary Losiel . She believed he was born to all the luxuries of life. He did not like his poor house. She always dreamed of a big house. One day her husband brought an invitation card for a dance at the residence of Minister of Education. She was not happy about the invitation because he had no good dress to wear at the party. Loisel gave him 400 francs to buy the dress . However, he was still unhappy. Now I wanted to wear some jewelry . He went to his friend to borrow some jewelry. He borrowed a necklace. She went to the party and enjoyed it. Upon her return , she lost the necklace. Her husband tried to find but failed. Later they borrowed money and bought a new necklace to replace the lost. Now Loisel worked day and night to return the borrowed money . Mathilda discharged the servant and went out of the house alone . They were able to return the money after ten years. Now Mathilda had lost all its beauty. She had changed so much that her friend could not recognize . Mathilda told him the whole story, but her friend told her that the necklace she had borrowed was not real.

Security For Foreigners

The government of Punjab has been directed to upgrade security for the foreigners working on different projects in the province. As part of the security plan, police and private guards had been deployed at the residence and working place of foreigners. They have also been asked to keep either police or private guards while traveling. The directives were given and recent top level meeting in which the law and order situation of all the provinces was reviewed. The Punjab government had take some important steps to improve the law and order situation. It include the monitoring of heinous crime cases and sectarian activities.

Talk About

Wolf is a dangerous thief who comes to steal the family of Sidney. He is most famous thief of England and England all police are after him. He has been doing this business for a long time is why it is quite well known. Often, newspapers report on it and tell some stories about his mysterious conduct and behavior , especially with the ladies. Behaves rudely with family in Sydney and repeated : "I connect " again and again . It is violent and often uses bad words to others. He does not believe anyone and has a gun in his hand all the time. He is very confident in his abilities and proudly declares that there was no safe in the world can beat him . He uses modern technology for its purpose. He suspects that of Sydney and is not readily willing to believe them. It comes as a ruthless and cunning man , but is actually a victim and greedy man . Suspected of them in small matters as he wondered whether the Lord Redchester snuff is doped . Then you are asked to type no strong drink to him , but when it comes to serious business , which will easily take in. He seems to be an educated man, such as some classic quotes . Lettice calls it, " a lost sheep in wolf's clothing ," replies immediately, " wolves change the hair, but not his heart." When Lady Redchester mention about the criminal classes , he says, " no criminal classes , like classes virtuosos. Rogues and rulers can both come from the sewer or the Palace . A man may be in the House of common today and the House of Detention tomorrow , right? " Is attracted by the beauty as any other man , and welcomes Lettice . Praises of the Lord opened gifts Redchester heart. He claims to make a clean sweep and rude, to get back the jewels ladies . He gives many sarcastic comments , when the bishop asks who is .... He says: "I am a piano tuner ." Again, when the bishop asks to join the ranks of the honorable , virtuous and trustworthy .... He replies, " Would you leave my job and start keeping rabbits "? He professes to be a smart man, but turns out to be a fool. He is greedy and let the loot in hand waiting for an imagined treasure. He himself said : " One in the hand is better than two in the bush " , but then forgets about it and goes to 'two in bush " , leaving the " one in the hand . " The family of Sydney befools you and make you leave your treasure. Overall this is an excellent presentation of a modern thief. It is unusual and dramatic and can not easily be forgotten. SYDNEY GUY Sydney is a young guy coming through Wolf in his study room. On Christmas morning coming for a drink when he sees the wolf. He controls himself completely and shows no alarm or confusion. It behaves well with Wolf and asks him to be polite . Reiterates the strengths of his family hard . He tells her that his family is worth more direct family and trust the county. He is the one who establishes the attitude of the whole family. Their friendly manners imagines Lobo is between friends. He calls his family members one by one and perhaps up to the situation. He is intelligent and confident . Is active and controls the entire situation . He again and again given to drink and is interested in their tools. Shown as caring and asks many questions about life wolf . Finally uncle Bishop assists in transforming the table. With enthusiasm gives the whole map Wallaby house . He speaks of the riches found in the living and dining Wallaby . He makes a list of all these things there faces and even lets you know the location of these things. Paint a picture before the wolf as he is completely deceived. He leaves his gifts and ready to get into the house Wallaby . This individual may be called the Sydney main instrument of destruction Wolf . He ingeniously planned strategy from the outset and leads his desired goal.

breakfast episode

Philip gets up late in the morning, because he just got home last night. He calls maid married and asks him to bring him breakfast . Marry says that breakfast has been cleaned an hour before. Felipe says he knows that 's why the called. He gives orders to two eggs and ham and coffee not tea ... Marry hesitates and says she does not know what Mrs. Higgins tell. Marry says that breakfast at eight o'clock is still the rule of this house as it had been before he went to war . Philip smiling, says he has been doing a lot of stupid things before going to war. Marry and Aunt Emily will comes in. It's a thin lady who never says his ego. She talks to Philip about general topics. Marry comes back and tells Aunt Emily Mrs. Higgins wants to see . Philip at once intervenes and asks her to marry to tell Mrs. Higgins come there. Aunt Emily hesitates and says, " I do not know what Mrs. Higgins tell." Philip pleasantly says he wants to know once and for all , what you will say. A very aggressive lady comes in and talks to a dominant style Philip and tells him that she will not make any breakfast after 8:00 . Felipe talk to her in an authoritarian style and tells her to make breakfast . Because she demands that he should be given a warning for the introduction of a new rule at home. Philip gives his salary to turn a warning and tells her that she can go at once. This proves a successful strategy and it is very intimidated . Finally he says, " if only some breakfast , I do not say, but I could not get it , if asked decent. " This episode sets the tone for the entire work , as it indicates the strength of personality of Philip. And that also note that no one will be able to do it according to your wishes.


AA Milne, was a journalist, and became the editor of " Punch" at age twenty-four. When war broke out in 1914 he joined the Army. In his spare time is used to write gay comic one-act plays . This one-act comedy called " The child comes home ." The title refers to a child who has returned home after a few years . This child becomes a young British soldier named Philip , who has been fighting in France. He is a promising young man , with a strong and pleasing personality. Has twenty- three years, and has learned a lot from his experience in the war. His personality has matured and is unfazed by any situation . His reaction to different situations and characters is quite impressive and confident .
He comes home to find a personality conflict with his strict and inflexible tutor home rules. All the action revolves around the way you handled the discussion with his uncle. Amusingly this discussion continues both in reality and in the dream of Uncle James . Uncle James insecurity and sense of failure before a young force him enough that he attaches easily to the demands of his nephew.

The Old Man And The Sea

The Old Man and the Sea is the story of an epic struggle between an old experienced fisherman and the greatest catch of his life. During eighty-four days Santiago, a Cuban fisherman old has put to sea and returned empty-handed. So conspicuously unlucky is that the parents of his young devoted apprentice and friend, Manolin, have forced the boy to leave the old man in order to fish in a more prosperous boat. However, the old boy continues to care on his return every night. He helps the old man tote his gear to his ramshackle hut, secures food for him, and the latest developments are discussed in American baseball, especially the trials of old hero, Joe DiMaggio. Santiago is confident that his unproductive streak will soon come to an end, and having to sail out more than usual the next day. In eighty-five days of his unlucky streak , Santiago not as promised , sailing his skiff far beyond the shallow coastal waters of the island and venture into the Gulf Stream . He prepares his lines and drops . At noon, a large fish , which he knows is a marlin, takes the bait that Santiago has placed one hundred fathoms deep in the waters. The old man expertly hooks the fish , but can not pull it in. Instead, the fish begins to pull the boat. Unable to tie the line fast to the boat for fear the fish will snap a taut line , the old man bears the tension of the line with your shoulders , back and hands, ready to play if the marlin make a run . The fish pulls the boat all day , all night , through another day and night . Nothing is steadily northwest until at last it tires and nothing east with the current. All the time, Santiago suffers constant pain from the fishing line . Whenever the fish lunges , leaps , or makes a dash for freedom, the cord cuts Santiago badly. Although wounded and weary, the old man feels a deep empathy and admiration for the marlin, his brother in suffering , strength and determination. On the third day , the fish tires , and Santiago , lack of sleep, pain, and nearly delirious , manages to pull the needle close enough to kill him with a spear thrust. Dead by the boat, the marlin is the largest Santiago has ever seen. Attacks his boat up the little mast, and sailed for home . Although Santiago is excited by the price to bring the marlin on the market , which is more concerned that people will eat fish are not worthy of his greatness. As Santiago navigates with fish , blood needle leaves a trail in the water and attracts sharks. The first attack is a great mako shark, which Santiago manages to slay with the harpoon . In the struggle , the old man loses the harpoon and valuable rope length , leaving it vulnerable to other shark attacks. The old combat successive vicious predators as best you can , with a crude spear stabbing makes whipping a knife to an oar , and even hit them with the helm of the ship . Although kills several sharks increasingly appear , and when night falls , Santiago continued struggle against scavengers is useless. Devour the precious meat of the needle, leaving only skeleton , head and tail. Santiago chastises himself for going "too far " and for sacrificing his great and worthy opponent. He arrives home before daybreak , stumbles back to his shack , and sleeps very deeply. The next morning , a crowd of amazed fishermen gathers around the skeletal carcass of the fish , which is still attached to the boat. Knowing nothing of the struggle of the old man , tourists at a nearby café observe the remains of the giant marlin and mistake it for a shark. Manolin , who have been concerned about the absence of the elder, was moved to tears when he finds Santiago safe in his bed. The child gets the old man some coffee and newspapers with baseball scores , and watches him sleep . When they wake up the old man , the two agree to fish as partners once more. The old man returns to sleep and dreams his usual lions at play on the beaches of Africa dream.
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